AS Perfomance International

AS Perfomance Made in Germany

Powerful lubricants and products for the automotive sector “Made in Germany”.

AS Perfomance lubricants are represented in many international markets. Our lubricant experts share the enthusiasm and passion of our business partners around the world.

AS Perfomance Product variety –Worldwide

We are the pioneers for your successful lubricant business.

We operate as pioneers for your successful lubricant business. At AS Perfomance, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of high-performance engine oils, gear oils, specialty lubricants and service products: Automotive and commercial vehicle oils, racing oils, state-of-the-art gear oils for automatic transmissions, manual transmissions and drive axles, hydraulic oils, greases, car care products, additives, radiator antifreeze (cooling lubricants / antifreeze / coolants), brake fluids (DOT 4), AdBlue® and winter protection chemicals (windshield antifreeze ).

AS Perfomance Service and commitment

Unique product and range quality.

We support your business activities through our AS Perfomance marketing and workshop concepts, the best service “Made in Germany” and through our unique product and range quality. Our committment to sponsorship and our presence at many major automotive supplier fairs underscore our global focus.

AS Perfomance Top quality

Trust through top quality.

Our long-standing customer’s trust in our AS Perfomance high-performance products is both a requirement and an incentive for us. Enthusiasm, creativity and innovation carry the AS Perfomance brand and guarantee top quality with a touch of lifestyle.