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Our 1st Performance products

Technically mature!

High-performance lubricants, engine oils, additives, gear oils for automatic and manual transmissions, hydraulic oils, greases, vehicle care products, radiator antifreeze/ antifreeze, brake fluids, winter protection chemicals, also for racing use.

Our synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils, as well as our entire range set standards in quality, performance and safety. Innovative ultimate quality for your vehicle.

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Our product range


Pit stop for your vehicle.

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Turbo for your engine.

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Radiator protection

Pole Position for your cooling system.

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Service products

Test bench for your vehicle systems.

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Visionaries and tinkerers

Germany is the land of technology

Vehicle technology! The very first automobiles were invented in Germany.
Visionaries and tinkerers had ideas and dreamt of bringing self-driving
automobiles to the streets.

What happened to this dream?!

It became reality. AS Performance engine oils and lubricants feel at home on the roads
and racetracks of our time. State-of-the-art technology for the latest technology.

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Motorsport quality Made in Germany

Our premium products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany.
They are regularly authorised by the most prestigious car manufacturers.


Product variety worldwide

AS Performance lubricants are represented in many international markets

Our lubricant experts share the enthusiasm and passion of our
business partners around the world.


Motorsport quality for your vehicle fleet!

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