About AS Perfomance

High performance lubricants, additives, brake fluids, coolants. Made in Germany.

Germany is the land of technology. Vehicle technology. The very first automobiles were invented in Germany. Visionaries and tinkerers had ideas and dreamt of bringing self-driving automobiles to the streets. What happened to this dream? It became reality. AS Perfomance engine oils and lubricants are at home on the roads and racetracks of our time. State-of-the-art technology for the latest technology.

Being mobile and independent has always been everyone’s dream.

Automobiles and other motor vehicles make it possible. However, the latest engine technology also requires state-of-the-art lubricant technologies. Powerful, technically mature, on synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral base technology.

Our AS Perfomance lubricants are constantly evolving.

Minimal friction, maximum lubricating film thickness and the highest possible engine and gearbox reliability make AS Perfomance lubricants the number one choice. We are always passionate about improving the performance of our products.

AS Perfomance products meet the highest specifications of major car manufacturers.

How does it work? We develop our products with passion and enthusiasm. Our products contain only the best raw materials and our production processes are continuously monitored. This is how we achieve top quality. We offer you personal advice, comprehensive service and a unique customer orientation.

Motorsport quality


AS Performance Top quality
made in germany

Your entire fleet benefits from our AS Performance Made in Germany products.

The AS Perfomance product range offers you the right product for almost all areas.
Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, construction machinery, motorcycles, motor boats and garden tools. For professional use in the workshop or private use.

Cost savings for your fleet. Our products increase the service life of your engines, transmissions and other applications. They increase efficiency and ensure that in addition to fantastic driving pleasure, you also have considerable benefits through sustainable cost savings.