Brake fluid

Balance and safety for you and your braking system!

Your vehicle’s braking system protects you, your passengers, other road users and of course your vehicle. Brake fluids from AS Performance set standards regarding boiling point, viscosity behaviour, corrosion protection, oxidation stability and elastomer compatibility. Throughout the entire prescribed service life, brake fluids from AS Performance ensure the ultimate in optimal performance and safety reserves in your braking system.

The braking system is very important, especially in racing, because brake fluids with high flash points are required and used, particularly in high-performance vehicles and in motorsport.

The right choice for your safety!

Choosing the right brake fluid is therefore of immense importance. You should pay special attention to the safety-relevant parts of your vehicle. The requirements of the car manufacturer must be strictly observed. You should also be careful to change the brake fluid in good time.

Our AS Performance products meet the highest safety requirements even under difficult operating conditions.

Here you will find the right product for your vehicle.

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Technical greases / Multipurpose greases

1st Perfomance without warm-Up!

Greases are used wherever moving parts meet. Bearings, connections and joints are just a few examples of the wide variety of uses of greases. They prevent mechanical friction and thus reduce age-related wear.

Greases from AS Performance build a particularly effective film between the lubrication surfaces. They are particularly corrosion-resistant, water-resistant and extremely resistant to oxidation. Greases from AS Performance thus prevent power and energy losses resulting from friction, and help to reduce wear to a minimum.

Here you will find the best AS Performance wear protection for the optimal solution, both from a technical and economic point of view.

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Winter protection chemicals / windscreen frost protection

Frosty temperatures? Go quickly to the test bench!

Frosty temperatures? Go quickly to the test bench!
The temperatures are getting frostier. Windows mist and ice up.
Windshield antifreeze and windshield washer from AS Performance is especially designed to ensure the best possible visibility, even in the most adverse of weather and traffic conditions. Inhibitors ensure the safe removal of road dirt and salt residues. Streaking on the windshield is actively prevented and increases your safety, even in difficult weather conditions.

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Cleans and cares in top quality!

Car care is fun, protects your purse and ensures long-term value retention for your vehicle. The vehicle interior requires year-round care. In the cold months, it is ice, road salt and dirt from the road surface that make a mess of your vehicle. This soiling should be removed quickly and regularly. In the spring and summer it is mainly insects, bee pollen, tree resin and tar residues which must be removed from the paint and glass.

Our AS Performance cleaners care for and protect your vehicle. In top quality.

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Exhaust aftertreatment. For the sake of the environment!

The exhaust aftertreatment with AdBlue® from AS Performance enables a reduction of the emitted nitrogen oxides (NOx) by up to 90 percent.

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Well equipped. At any time!

Are you looking for accessories from AS Performance?
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