Radiator protection / Antifreeze

1st Performance for your cooling system!

Our AS Performance radiator antifreeze products provide your cooling system with excellent corrosion protection and temperature stability, and prevent sedimentation and contamination.

AS Performance antifreeze / coolant products form extremely stable and dynamic protective coatings and guarantee you year-round functional safety and operational readiness for your cooling system.

Radiator protection is not just radiator protection!

All engines and vehicle types have different requirements on radiator protection products to be used. Approximately 150 litres of coolant are pumped through a car’s cooling system per minute. The product is exposed to great stress.

Through its high-quality inhibitors, AS Performance radiator antifreeze prevents residues forming in the cooling system. Heat is reliably removed and seals and polymer parts within the cooling system are protected to the maximum. AS Performance radiator protection helps to avoid unnecessary, costly repairs to your cooling system.

Concentrate and long-term radiator antifreeze

Pit stop at the highest level!

Our AS Performance concentrated products and long-term radiator protection, or long-life products, should be diluted with water before use.

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The Pole Position. Ready to use!

Our AS Performance Readymix – radiator antifreeze – products are already premixed ready to use.

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